About Us

Executive Chef Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1983. We are a supplier of professional quality kitchenware to both the hospitality trade and retail clients. We manufacture and sell a range of Hospitality uniforms under our own "Essentials" brand. We also stock cookbooks and a limited range of non perishable, hard to find ingredients, including cake decorating items.

About this website

This site will be perpetually under maintenence and construction. Our product database is constantly evolving and the website is able to regularly interogate the inventory for changes to stock levels, descriptions and prices. Therefore we can say with reasonable confidence that the information presented is as current as we can make it. There may be from time to time, glitches and system errors which will cause problems. We aim to be on top of these as quickly as possible. If you become aware of an issue which you think needs attention, please send us an email outlining your concern.

Please feel free to browse the products at your leisure. If you have difficulty finding an item that you feel we should carry, try using the search button and typing in the name of the item, remembering that some items are known by more than one name (eg. a 'melon baller' may also be called a 'parisienne scoop'). If you are still unable to find your item then email us your question and we will be happy to assist.

Happy browsing!