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 AUSfonte Cast Iron Cookware by SOLIDTEKNICS!

At last! Something actually made in Australia! The 24 Sauteuse is is the first piece (hopefully of many) to be produced. Innovatively funded by a KickStarter campaign, and designed by Mark Henry (also designer and manufacturer of the original Furi knife), we believe this to be an 'heirloom' piece of high quality cookware, destined to be passed down generation to generation.

We are the exclusive Queensland outlet for these and have secured a limited number of the first retail batch (as distinct from the "first edition" which went to the KickStarter supporters). These will be in store in November for the bargain price of $129. We have a sample pan available now for viewing. Email us if you would like to pre-order one of these fantastic pans.  More info at

24cm AUSfonte Sautuese



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